Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk

May, 2000 Winners

IT (Information Technology) Detectives & Dreamers
Metepenagiag School

Red Bank First Nation, NB
Grade 7 Class
Classroom Teacher: Anna Peter-Paul

Sara Patles
Star Gray
Jordan Ward
James Ward
May 2000 Winners

 How we connect to the internet:

The school connects to the internet by clicking [Internet] and pushing [Connect], it then connects to MSN (Microsoft Network).

School Inventory Design an "Ideal" system
Hewett Rand 386 sx
Hewett  hr rand 386 sx
Acer view 54e pentium processor
memory 16.0 mb ram
Olivetti - dsm 50-15 pentium 

Outlook Express
Network Neighborhood

Espon stylus color 600
panasoni kx-p44410 Laser printer

James Ward "Ideal to have school at home, have school on computers, have school while you sleep, have school when you're bad, have school without thinking, have school with no one else, have school without teachers, have school without principals, no social studies or health."

Jordan Ward "To play hockey without a stick and skates and play it on the computer with all 28 NHL teams. I think it would be much better then people getting hurt. I think that all computers are a lot better than the real thing."

Sara Patles "Design a Dragon Ball Z computer, so that you can play all the Dragon Ball Z games you want and you can also program some Pokemon games so that you can play two different games at a time."

Star Gray "An ideal system for our school would be a Pokemon computer. you could play your gameboy games and play pokemon pop quizzes. It would also have internet capabilities and many fun games that help with school subjects."

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