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May contest
IT (Information Technology) Detectives & Dreamers

Find out as much about your computers as you can!
What capabilities do we have?

If we could design an ideal computing environment for our school, what would it be?

Technology allows us to be connected to each other!
How are we connected?
May Contest Each school group wanting to participate in the IT Detectives & Dreamers Contest should:
  1. Perform an inventory of school computer equipment.
    • Be as thorough as possible ... list the number of computers, printers, and peripherals (such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras) used by students, the computers' processors, memory, storage capacity, programs used, and whether they are in a network.
  2. Describe how your school connects to the internet and discover how many stations can connect at the same time.
  3. Design an "ideal" system for your school.
Deadline May 31, 2000
Eligibility Entries must be from First Nation schools.
Prizes Prizes include:
  1. a scanner for the winning schools (or prize of equivalent value)
  2. a pizza party for the winning class
Prizes are available in three categories (high school, junior high/middle school, and elementary). Scanner ownership will pass to the school (rather than to any individual).
Submit to Atlantic Canada's First Nation Help Desk
115 Membertou Street, Sydney, NS B1S-2M9
E-mail: admin@firstnationhelp.com
Phone: 1-877 484-7606 (toll free) or 902 567-0842
Fax: 902 567-0337

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