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Dear Valentine . . .

February 2001 Elementary Contest Winner

The Note

Misty and fellow Mah Sos contest participants

There once was a teenage girl who lived in a small town. She lived in the biggest house with the biggest dog .  She loved were she lived, and where she went to school.   She went to the finest school, it was the towns school Mah-Sos.  There was a lot of kids that went to that school , but there was only one boy for Courtney.

Courtney was in love with a boy named Blake.  He was the finest and nicest boy in her eyes.  So one day she managed to get enough courage to give him a love note, but Courtney had a problem she wasnít so sure if his locker was 315 or 316, so she waited until he came and got something from his locker.  Meanwhile Blake told one of his buddies to go get him his books in his locker so he did, and Courtney thought to herself, 315 must be his locker then.  So she slipped the note into locker 315 and went to class.

Joe Nicolas a student at Mah-Sos came, opened his locker, found the love note, and started feeling love in the air.  Joe told his best friend Adam, and Adam told him to go for it.  Joe started to blush, and told Adam he would just wait and see if this girl would give him another note.

The next day during math class Courtney was so surprised to see that Blake was sitting right beside her.  She wanted to ask him if he got her note before the bell rang.  But before she could even speak he interrupted her, and asked if he could borrow a pencil, she sighed, dug into her pencil case and handed him one.  She couldnít believe it, their hands touched!  Courtney felt like she was going to faint, that was until Blakeís so called girlfriend gave him a note with a big lipstick mark on it.

Cheria was well known for her big lips, and her red lipstick.  Courtney could do nothing but just sit there and watch the two love birds smooch away.  Suddenly the bell rang, Courtney jumped up, and her fantasy faded away. Courtney decided that she would give Blake another note.

Earlier that day Joe and Adam waited for the girl who had given Joe the love note to return.  So, they sat there for awhile.  Adam was starting to complain about how hungry he was, and Joe started to get a headache.  Suddenly Joe snapped, and told Adam to shut up!  Adam is very sensitive, so he just gave him a mean look and told Joe to leave him alone Joe was surprised.  Adam had never yelled at him before, so Joe pushed Adam and Adam pushed Joe, then they started fighting in the school hall way!  Thank god all the teachers were on lunch break or they would have gone to I.S,S.

Soon after that Joe herd a noise, he stopped dead in his tracks then looked to see who was walking in the hall.  He was about to see who the girl was but Adam wouldnít stop complaining because Joe gave him a Charlie horse on the arm.  Joe had to smack him, and Adam just sat there like he was going to cry.

Joe looked again but the girl had left, and she stuck something in his locker too!  It was a piece of paper.  Joe opened the note, and it said.  Dear someone special; if I had one wish I would wish for me and you to be together, and I would keep that wish forever.  If I could turn back time and make you mine.  If I could I probably would.  Remember when we went out one time in grade five, that was the happiest time of my life.  So if your wondering who this is, meet me at the flag pole after school.  From your secret admirer.

Joe was so happy he started to jump up and down, and said to Adam, "do you know what  this means?"  Adam just sat there looking at him.  Then Adam said, "your such a girl, donít you realize that this girl might be ugly?"  Joe just looked at him and said.  "I donít care!  The thing Iíll always like about this girl anyway is that sheís wonderful, and polite."   Adam looked at him with disgust.

Later that day Joe was in science class, and Courtney was his partner.  Joe always did have a soft spot for Courtney, but Courtney despised him, so Joe gave up.  Besides he was about to get a girl friend anyway.

It was three fifteen right on the dot.  Joe was nervous, and Adam was hungry.  They walked down the school hall pass the library, pass the door that led right to the school flag pole.  She wasnít there.  They waited and they saw a girl but the couldnít see her face because she was facing the other way.  Joe and Adam walked over to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she was waiting for someone?  The girl turned around, it was Courtney!  Joe was very surprised to see that the girl who had been writing love notes to him was Courtney!

Courtney was confused, so she asked Joe and Adam if they were waiting for someone?  Joe told her that he was getting love notes in his locker,  and the person who was sending him the notes told him to meet her the flag pole.  Courtney could barely speak, she was in total shock, her face turned red.  The only words that could come out of her mouth were.  "They werenít meant for you!"  Then she ran away.  Joe could feel his heart melting, Adam dropped his chocolate bar, and said, "come on man you had a rough day.  Iíll buy you a milk shake at Millerís Shake."

That night while Courtney was in bed feeling ever so guilty, she got a phone call from Blake.  He wanted to know if they could go out for pizza or something.  Courtney thought about it for awhile, and told him she would have to get back to him on that.
The next day at school Courtney was going to apologize, and see if Joe would go to the valentine dance with her.  At recess in the hall she tried to approach Joe but he would have nothing to do with her.  Adam started to notice that Courtney was trying to apologize to Joe, and  Adam thought he could help her out.  He asked Courtney if she needed any help, and Courtney just looked at him and said, "does it look like I need help?"  Adam said, "yes it does look like you do."  "Then help me!"  Courtney said.  So they went to work on their plan to get Joe to notice that Courtney had feelings for him.

Later that day during English class Courtney gave a note to Adam to give to Joe, so Adam handed Joe the note.  Joe read it, and this is what it said.  Joe I am so sorry for what I said I didnít mean to hurt you.  I was wondering if you would come with me to the valentine dance this Friday?  Meet me at the flag pole after school, and tell me your answer.  Joe sighed and continued his work not doing anything or saying a word.  Adam and Courtney looked at each other and nodded.

The bell rang for home Courtney, and Adam went to the flag pole, and waited.  The school doors opened, it was Joe, and he had something behind his back.  He approached Courtney, and said, "these roses are for you."  Courtney smiled, and said" thank-you."  Joe leaned over, and they kissed!  Adam was clapping his hands, and saying, "I just love happy endings."  Courtney and Joe just gave him a weird look, and started walking away hand and hand.

Story by

Misty Paul
Tobique, NB
Grade 5

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