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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Jack’s Valentine

One  sunny day there was a lonely man name Jack. Jack is a man who’s in his late twenties and has lots of love to give but the problem was he didn’t have anyone to share it with. It was almost Valentine’s day and he still didn't have any one to be with. He just wondered why he never had anyone in high school. Then one day while he was looking though the daily
newspaper there was an article on lonely people. It said, “ If you are one lonely person and you want someone to spend your Valentine’s day with then call 555-5683. We will find you someone”. Then it said to make a letter about yourself . So Jack did.

The next day Jack got a call. They said that they found a women for him. Jack was happy. Her name was Valentine. The first thing he did was write a  letter to her.

        3 days later he got a letter from her. He read t. It was sweet. Then her picture fell out. She was beautiful. She had the sweeties smile. So Jack wrote another letter to her and he put his picture in it.

        The following day Jack got a letter back from Valentine. She wrote about Jacks picture. She said that he had a nice smile. Jack knew that he had to meet her so he wrote her another letter telling her to meet him.

        It was a week later and he didn’t get a letter back from her. He even called that article back and they said they didn’t have anyone  for him. Jack was lonely again. His tears started to come down.

        It was four days until Valentine’s day and he had to spend  it by himself again.

        It was the night before Valentine’s and Jack was just walking around looking at all he happy couple walking down the street. All he was thinking about is why Valentine never wrote back. Around 20 minutes later he walk to a drug store and he saw a beautiful lady buying stuff. When she walked out, the women watching the cash said the word Valentine and the beautiful
lady walked to her. Jack froze. It was  Valentine. When she walk out  Jack went up to her and said hi to her and he said that he was Jack. SHe stopped at what she was doing. Her face got red like a apple. They had finally seen each other. They were happy.

        The next day it was Valentine and jack was with Valentine spending Valentine’s Day together. They got married the following year and they live happily ever after.THE END.

Ryan Ginnish
Eel Ground, NB
Grade 8

Entry J-10

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