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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

Love Story

      Once upon  a time there was a young native boy who loved a pretty girl.  He gave a love note to the girl every day but one day, the young native boy asked the girl out and she said yes. The young boy was so happy that he sent her chocolates and gifts like bone necklaces and turtle shells. These two people kept giving gifts to each other.

        One day the young native boy dressed up like a heart and knocked on his true loveís door and said," Be mine."The girl gave him a kiss. The young native boy and the girl got engaged and later married. They built a home and lived together. They had a child and named him Valentine.

         As he grew up, he sent love notes to a
girl that he thought was special.  At 2:00 one day Valentine was going to see that lovely girl because it was her birthday.  He got killed by a drunk driver.  Before he got killed he wrote on the love note to the special girl, " From your valentine."  People decided to name a holiday after him.  They wondered how life will be if he life.

Christopher McDonald
Conne River, NF
Grade 7

Entry J-16

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