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Dear Valentine . . .
February 2001 Contest Entry

The First Love

     Alissa was an average teenage girl . She loved hanging out with her friends , watching movies and spending time with her boyfriend . Alissa loved her boyfriend a lot . She would give up the world for him . Alissaís boyfriends name was David . Alissa loved that name very much . David was a teenage boy that had light brown hair , beautiful brown hair, and was very tall . Alissa and David would do everything together . After school Alissa would go to Davidís house for supper and talk with his parents . They enjoyed the company of Alissa . Sometimes after school , David would go to Alissaís house to visit her parents and to wait for Alissa . Alissaís and Davidís parents thought that Alissa and David made a cute match .

     Alissa and David got along very well , but Alissa had one big fear that Davidís ex girlfriend would try to get back together with David . This girl had short brown hair and her name was Sarah. One day Alissa went out in to the hallway to hang around with David . Alissa never even made it to the hallway when her friend Sandra stopped her . " David is having a big conversation with Sarah" Sandra said . Alissa began to get mad so she went out into the hallway and she never even talked to David.  David saw Alissa so he stopped the conversation with Sarah and went to talk with his friend, Joey.  "Do you know if there is anything wrong with Alissa?" David asked . Joey did not know their was something wrong with Alissa .

       All during the last class of the day Alissa was very quiet . She did not know what to do . She though that David wanted Sarah . After school Alissa and Sandra walked to the arcade . At the arcade Alissa met up with David and he began to worry that something was going to happen . Alissa and Sandra were way on the other side of the arcade . "Go and talk to him. Ask him why did he do it ". Sandra said . Alissa walked over to David "David can I talk to you outside." David and Alissa walked outside ."Who do you want Sarah or me ?" Alissa asked . David began to get angry and would not say anything ." If you want her go away . If you want me kiss me now," Alissa said . David kissed Alissa and said he was sorry . When David and Alissa went back inside, Sarah and Arleane were there . Arleane was Sarahís best friend . David and Joey went home shortly after .

        Alissa was very sick that night and could not go outside . David went out and hung around with his friends . A few days later Alissa heard that David had cheated on her with Sarah . Alissa was upset and would not talk to David all day . That night Alissa went out and hung around with her friends . Alissa met up with Sandra . " What are you going to do?" Sandra asked . David was talking with Joey and Joey convinced David to tell Alissa that he did cheat on her . Alissa looked up to see that David was walking towards her ."We need to talk,"David said . Alissa and David went outside . "I cheated on you and Iím sorry," David said . " Why did you?" Alissa asked ." Iím sorry, can I have another chance?" David replied ." Ok, Ill give you another chance,"  said Alissa .

        Alissa and David began to realize that they were not as close anymore . Alissa began to get frightened . David and Sarah were becoming closer . Friday came , Alissa and David were watching movies with Joey . David went out for a bit and never came back . Alissa began to worry . It was almost her curfew and David was not back yet . Alissa began to walked home by herself . She began to think if David was the right one for her .

        When Alissa went to school the following Monday ,Joey  told her that David had been with Sarah over the weekend . When Alissa saw David in school , she would not talk to him .That night David went up to Alissaís house to see if she was going out . Alissa was home by herself so she asked him to come inside . Alissa and David sat down and talked it over . Alissa told David it would be best if they ended it , and they both agreed.

       A few days later Alissa realized that she still loved David even after what he had done to her . David was dating Sarah and Alissa really did not like that . The following weekend Alissa asked David out on a date , and he said yes . Alissa and David had so much fun together that they got back together . David never bothered with Sarah again and Alissa and David were happy again .

Angelina McDonald
Conne River, NF
Grade 9

Entry J-20

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