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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My dad is smart, fast, cool and he spends alot of time with me.

One time when I was in grade four  instead of going to the zoo he took me to  Montreal on a airplane.  We stayed for three  nights then he took me to Toronto too.  Also  he bought me a toy and a mini-game.

When we drove home we stayed at a  hotel named Days Inn.  It helps me because  it was fun and joyful.

He showed me the CN Tower and we  watched a few baseball game.  It was fun I  enjoyed it alot.  It surprised me because I  didnít know he'll do something like that  again.

During summer he had his own camp. Sometimes we go there alone and  have fun -other times my friends come and  we play. My dad gets to play with us too,  this helps me to know about my dad more.

He's my hero and the best dad in the  world also the smartest in the world.

Entry E-20
Darren Augustine
Eel Ground, NB
Grade 5

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