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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my mom.  She is always busy.  She has to take care of all five of us.  She cleans and cooks for us.  She also helps with our homework everynight.  She even, sometimes takes care of other children in our home.  She helps my grandmother and grandfather alot too.  She helps my grandfather with his medicine and his diabetic needles.  She is always there for us when we need help.  She tells us how much she loves us everyday and gives us hugs.  She also goes to my school sometimes to help out.  My mom also takes an Early Childhood class.  She also goes and visit old people at the home when she can.  She is also is training for our new Culture and Heritage Centre.  My mom is always helping people.  She says it makes her happy to help other people.  Our home is opened to everyone and she always has a smile for everybody.  My mom is the greatest.

Entry E-3
Hailey Francis
Wagmatcook, NS
Grade 4

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