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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my father, Richard Patrick Googoo. He has shown me how to grow up and live a healthy life. My father has taught me that children are always ahead of everything else in his mind. If my siblings or I had ever needed anything, our father would be the person that we would turn to. From school to social life, my father would be the person who I'd turn to when I needed help or just needed someone to listen to me and give me advice.  I appreciate everything that my father has done for me and everyone else in my family. Even if it was my friends that needed help, my father would be the person to help me, help them. If I were to become rich and famous, my father wouldn't ask me for a cent. He doesn't help me for money or gifts, he helps me just because he loves me. I love my father. When my cousin Trevor Isadore was in the I.W.K. Grace Hospital for about 4 and a half month's, my father took care of my little sisters Dominique and Keneil all that time. My father had to get up real early in the morning, get my sisters ready for daycare, take them to the daycare, go to work, come back from work and pick up the girls and take them home to take care of them until the next morning when he would have to do the same routine all over again. My father had to do this for a long time which felt like forever.  I admire my father the most in the world.

What a Role Model...Richard Patrick Googoo.

Entry J-1
Nichole Francis
Wagmatcookewey, NS
Grade 8

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