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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My role model is my grandfather, Chief Mise’l Joe. I admire him because of his strength and courage . He always stands up for what he believes in, and he is very proud to be a Mi’kmaw.  I don’t think I can't count all of the things he has done for me and our community. My grandfather is a very patient, loving, and understanding person. He has influenced me in many ways, he taught me that being Mi’kmaw is to be proud of who you are and where you came from.

When I was about six years old he taught me my first Mi’kmaq song “the Honor Song.” One night we sat down in front of our stereo and listened to George Paul sing” the Honor song,” at that time my community was just trying to get our language back after years of it being almost extinct . That was my first big learning experience with the Mi’kmaq language. After almost an hour of listening to this song, and being only six years old, I was getting restless and a bit cranky but my grandfather taught me that I had to be patient and willing to learn or it would never work. I know in my heart I would not be where I am today without him. I am a fancy shawl dancer, I go to pow wows and I take part in many ceremonies and I know a lot more Mi’kmaq songs. This is why my grandfather is my role model.

Entry J-14
Ansale'wit Joe
Conne River, NFL
Grade 9

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