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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My Role model: Nicholas Jeddore

Nicholas was known by our community as ‘Nickoli’. He was an elder of the Conne River Reserve, who died as a result of a fire in his home.  He was 80 years old and unmarried with no children.

Nicholi never missed Sunday Mass. When Mass was not celebrated in Conne River, he would walk 40 km to the nearest community of St. Albans and  worship there.  He was a very strong Catholic elder. He spoke to everybody very quietly and lived by himself till the time of his death.

Nicholi was the last true fluent speaker of the Mi’kmaq language on our reserve.  The elders of Conne River cried when he died because they were afraid ‘The language would die with him’.  I remember they played Mi’kmaq music in church where he was waked.  He was a very special person.

I admire Nicholi because he was my great uncle and he was a simple man who lived a very honest life style. Our language center, (Mi’kmaq Studies) is named after him . His picture and his cane are in a glass case as you go in the center.  This makes all visitors remember this humble man.

Nicholi influenced my life because he was my great uncle and I feel that the Mi’kmaq language came from him because he was the only one who could speak it so well and always with a smile.  I think our language should be spoken just as Nicholi use to speak it.  He made me proud of my culture.

Entry J-26
Kimberley Laurence
Conne River, NFL
Grade 7

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