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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My Role model: Amelia Joe, Our Mid Wife

Amelia Joe was a Mi’kmaq lady who lived in Conne River.  She married Andrew Joe . Together they had a big family. Amelia Joe had 2 sisters and 4 brothers.  Amelia was a mid wife who delivered many, many babies in Conne River, Milltown and Morrisville.  She was born on May 10, 1890 but sadly she died July 7, 1989.  She was 99 years old when she died.

Today our clinic is named after her, it is called “The Amelia Joe Medical Centre”.  In our school and clinic, a beautiful portrait of this wonderful lady are displayed on the walls for everyone to see.

The first person Amelia Joe delivered was Priscilla Drew (about 60 years ago) and the last person she delivered was  the clinic’s receptionist Rhonda Benoit (about 25 years ago).

Amelia cared for her patients first and put her own house work and family on hold.  The community had no nurse, so people really relied on Amelia Joe to be there for them.  She never let them down.

The people of Conne River still talk about this kind lady and feel honoured to have known such a person as Amelia Joe. She will live in our hearts forever.

I admire a Amelia Joe because she cared for other people first and was always there to lend a very needed hand.  She is my role model because I like to help people the best I can.

Entry J-27
Notoria Hinks
Conne River, NFL
Grade 7

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