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 September 2000 Contest Entry
Role Models

My Role Model Is Robert Herney

I admire my father because of what he has taught me these past years.  He taught me how to love, understand the meaning of no, and to have  courage, to be kind, and he was my best teacher. My father taught me all  I know he showed me the meaning of love and how to be strong when I  was hurt, he was always true to himself and to my whole family. I love  him deeply with all my heart and soul. He made me laugh when I was  down; when I got hurt he made me get back up again after I fell of my  bike when I was five and told me “try again”. My dad is special to me  and to everyone. He is an excellent role model.

Entry J-6
Phelecia Herney
Eskasoni, NS
Grade 8

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